Griff Wigley, Mountain Bike GeezerWelcome to Thick Skull Mountain Bike Skills, an online resource and community for anyone interested in improving their mountain biking. I specialize in offering exercises and drills that help you get better at the skills and techniques that expert mountain bike instructors have identified.

I’m Griff Wigley, AKA the Mountain Bike Geezer. After a few decades of riding motorcycle trials, I discovered the purpose-built flow trails of the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails System in central Minnesota USA when it opened in 2011.

I immediately became a member of MORC (an IMBA chapter), bought a hardtail 29’er, started my blog (230+ posts to-date), and got active in the MORC forums (900+ comments to-date). I’m now on the MORC Board, am involved in starting a new IMBA chapter in my hometown of Northfield (CROCT), and am more in love with the sport than ever.

In the three years since I started riding, I’ve published over 40 blog posts about my efforts to improve my mountain bike skills. Some of those include my experiences with clinics. See my blog posts on the NICA mtb coaches training, a 3-hour MORC skills clinic, a one-day Lee McCormack skills clinic, and IMBA’s Instructor Certification Program (ICP) Level 1 course.

I’m not a pro rider, nor am I a seasoned mountain bike coach.  But I’ve learned to create exercises and drills that have helped me steadily improve. And so I’ve created Thick Skull Mountain Bike Skills so others can learn along with me. It’s unique interactive learning environment in which:

  1. You have choices in how you learn
    The online instructional modules use make use of videos, audio, graphics, text, and webinars so you can pick your preferred ways to learn.
  2. Your experience is the preferred teacher
    The learning modules emphasize how you can learn more directly from your experience, guiding your attention to what happens when you do different things. You become more confident in your ability to learn.
  3. You become a member of an online community focused exclusively on MTB skills
    The learning modules include interaction with me and your fellow mountain bikers in a members-only online community devoted entirely to learning mountain biking skills. I moderate the interaction with an iron fist so that everyone feels welcomed, included, and respected.

Why the name ‘Thick Skull’?

It’s a shtick and a metaphor. And although I’m a friendly guy, it somewhat accurately reflects the irreverent part of my personality. If you don’t like it, tough shit. See?

Where is the Thick Skull MTB Skills blog and Twitter feed?

As of October 27, 2014, I maintain only one blog at Mountain Bike Geezer, one Instagram account at @MTBikeGeezer, and one Twitter feed @MTBikeGeezer where, among other things, I tweet all my Thick Skull MTB Skills-related blog posts.

What should you do next?

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Light Hands, Heavy Feet: Developing the Habit

Thick Skull Mountain Bike Skills video: Light Hands, Heavy Feet - Developing the Habit

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